Wine & Spirits Public Relations

Wine & Spirits Public Relations

Public Relations for the Wine and Spirits industry across all channels.

Our wine and spirits public relation services involves creating and maintaining relationships between various media channels and your target audience. Libation PR is a growing service here at Elev8. We have had the pleasure of working with noteworthy brands in the spirits, wine and aperitif arenas, created by distillers and artisans with a passion for on-trend liquids with innovative flavor profiles.

Building Brand Awareness & Loyalty 

Elev8 New Media’s PR specialists use a variety of strategies and tactics to build brand awareness and loyalty, while also providing valuable information about our clients’ products. We use traditional PR methods such as press releases, media relations, and events, as well as newer channels such as influencer marketing and social media.

While the primary goal is to increase sales, Elev8 New Media also focuses on educating consumers on responsible consumption and the health benefits of different types of wines and spirits. With the right PR strategies, wine and spirits producers can create a strong presence in the market and build relationships with their customers.


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Generating Buzz & Brand Visibility

Going beyond securing coverage for the actual product, we work to secure press for additional angles that include packaging and distribution, timely recipes, virtual and in-person events, influencer partnerships and more. Through targeted public relations and social media marketing campaigns, Elev8 generates the buzz and brand visibility needed for success in a saturated market.

Conducting industry analysis is an important component of PR work in this space, as well as positioning the client company (brand creator) in applicable thought leadership and industry-related commentary. Integrated communications are key to propelling a brand’s identity, story, and shelf presence.

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