Retail Public Relations

Retail Public Relations

Public Relations for retail has seen a significant shift over the last decade with public relations being more important than ever.

Recent years have forced a massive digitalization shift in many parts of your customers’ lives – one of the most prominent being how they shop. Long are the days of rushing to your favorite stores for sales. Consumers are now redirecting their purchases to fast and convenient e-commerce sites where they, with the click of a button, can have their items at their doorstep within days.

Manage Communication with Customers

Public relations for the retail industry is the process of managing communication between our client companies and its customers in order to build and maintain a positive reputation.

Elev8 New Media utilizes tactics such as strategic messaging, media relations, special events, and other PR-related tactics. Our retail clients use public relations to create positive associations between their brand and their customers, while also addressing any potential customer complaints or concerns.

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Build Brand Trust, Loyalty & Awareness.

Elev8 New Media’s retail campaigns help to build brand trust, loyalty, and awareness, which ultimately leads to more sales. Additionally, our public relations strategies can be used to inform customers of new products and services, as well as to build relationships with influencers and other key stakeholders.

Due to the constant flow of information and a one-stop shop called the Internet where your customers can browse competitor products and end up coming to a buying decision much quicker than before, communication between retailers and consumers must be seamless at every touchpoint. At Elev8 New Media, we help reach consumers in relevant and engaging ways across various media channels. From product launches to activations to traffic-driving promotions, we analyze the modern shopping experience through a consumer lens and help you sell. By creating positive press and campaigns, retailers can increase their visibility, and thus, gain more customers through the use of public relations strategies.

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