Restaurant and Hospitality Public Relations

Restaurant and Hospitality Public Relations

Bringing your target audience together with our public relation services.

Public Relations for restaurants and other hospitality clients such as hotels (boutique and large), wellness resorts, travel destinations and tourism boards, and even tech start-ups innovating the industry’s backend (i.e., staffing and employment, the gig economy and beyond), entails a campaign concept that is both science and an art.

This field is all about bringing people together, from new locations to grand openings, noteworthy chefs and unique menu concepts, special events and activations, and more.

Build Relationships with Key Influencers.

Restaurant and hospitality businesses should use public relations to market their services, build relationships with key influencers, and reach new audiences.

Effective public relations strategies can help to build customer trust, enhance the reputation of the business, and increase customer satisfaction. All of these benefits can help to increase sales, attract new customers, and create a positive reputation for the restaurant or hospitality business.

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Secure Top Media Coverage.

Through close working relationships with producers, editors, bloggers and photographers, Elev8 secures top media coverage from the local to national levels, amplifying its impact through strategic social media, ad and marketing materials. We create a positive brand image, increase customer loyalty, and promote special events. This is an ongoing effort.

To avoid client venues and services going stale after the initial PR push, it is vital to maintain media relationships and engagement to keep the press incoming. The creative effort to continually pitch clients new ideas, pulling from industry research and analyses, is an exciting and evolving component of PR work in the Restaurant & Hospitality space.

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