Real Estate & Development Public Relations

Real Estate & Development Public Relations

Real estate and development public relations are constantly evolving and changing.

From policy changes to new media players, public relations is vital to ensure your company’s success. At Elev8 New Media, our public relations professionals work to create positive relationships with the public, media outlets, and other stakeholders.

Our team also creates campaigns that help to promote the brand and its projects, as well as managing press releases, responding to inquiries, and organizing events.

Promoting Brands, Driving Traffic & Interest.

We strive to create a strong online presence for our client companies, including content creation, social media management, and media coverage.

By doing so, we ensure that the company’s message is disseminated in an effective and timely manner. By working to create positive relationships with the public, media outlets, and other stakeholders, Elev8 New Media helps to ensure that the company is seen in a positive light. This helps to build trust with potential clients, which can lead to more sales and revenue.

We work to promote our clients’ brands and projects, which can help to drive traffic and interest. Elev8 strives to create a strong online presence for the company, which can help to increase lead generation and conversion.


Published in thousands of news outlets

Position your story correctly.

At Elev8 New Media, we support ground-breaking real estate and development companies, both big and small, across each stage of development to create lasting excitement while building anticipation come your grand opening. We provide the full spectrum of communications needs across the entire corporate lifecycle, from early-stage start-ups to mature public companies with multiple projects nationwide (both residential and commercial).

We work with private and public real estate, development and real estate holding companies to help position their story and narratives, build brand awareness, secure expert engagements, protect corporate reputation, and enhance market value. Oftentimes, we work with local media to create a lasting positive relationship with reporters and journalists within your target market.

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