Pet & Animal Public Relations

Pet & Animal Public Relations

Public relations for the pet and animal industry is a multifaceted field that encompasses communication, marketing and outreach strategies.

These strategies are designed to promote the interests of pet and animal businesses and organizations. At Elev8 New Media, our public relations professionals often help to create and maintain relationships between pet and animal businesses and their communities, as well as between the businesses and the media.

Elev8 may also create and distribute content to raise awareness of pet and animal issues, such as animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Additionally, public relations professionals may help to manage pet and animal-related social media accounts, plan events, and write media briefings to promote pet and animal businesses and organizations.

Supporting Animal Companies Large & Small

From pet products to pet biopharmaceuticals, public relations in this industry is just as crowded as the marketing and advertising industry. At Elev8 New Media, we thrive on supporting pet and animal companies, both large and small, across multiple specialties.

Whether your company has created a next-gen collar that changes color based on an artificial intelligence algorithm indicating your pet’s mood or is developing a drug to help combat deadly pet tumors or is the best dog/cat food on the market, Elev8’s approach provides you will a full suite of communication and PR strategies.


Published in thousands of news outlets

Building Trust, Awareness & Positive Images for Our Clients

We work with private and public pet and animal companies to help position their stories while building compelling narratives that help you sell products and services. We don’t just look to the surface of one-and-done media hits, we strategically work on lasting public relations strategies and tactics to ensure you win in this crowded space. Our public relations strategies bring a great deal of value to the pet and animal industry by helping to build relationships and trust between pet and animal businesses and the public.

Elev8’s PR efforts help to promote the interests of our clients’ pet and animal businesses and organizations, build brand awareness, and create a positive image for the industry. Additionally, we help to inform the public of important pet and animal issues and create a sense of engagement and connection with the industry. Finally, alongside our clients, our public relations efforts can help to drive customers to pet and animal businesses and organizations, leading to increased sales and revenue.

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