Home Public Relations

Home Public Relations

For many consumers, their home is an extension of themselves and a crucial part of their identity.

For retailers, becoming a household name requires a new kind of strategy in a highly saturated market, one that promotes uniqueness. A successful public relations program in the home industry will involve crafting a message that resonates with the public, building relationships with the media, and creating content that is tailored to meet the needs of the public.

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Through Elev8’s public relations strategies, companies in the home industry can increase their visibility, build trust with their audience, and create a positive image of their products and services. Additionally, our public relations strategies can promote new products and services. By leveraging public relations, companies in the home industry can grow their business and build long-lasting relationships with the public.

At Elev8 New Media, we prioritize strategic storytelling, crafting narratives, and developing campaigns that amplify brands that are design driven. We specialize in industry niches, including interior design, architecture, home, consumer, and lifestyle brands (furniture, decor, lighting, appliances, houseware, smart home, etc.).


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Communication Services for Early-Stage Start-ups to Established Public Companies

We provide the full spectrum of communications needs across the entire corporate lifecycle, from early-stage start-ups to established public companies. We work with private and public companies to help drive brand recognition and awareness by re-envisioning the brand’s luxury through elevating brand identity, storytelling, collaborations, expert engagements, and corporate reputation protection.

Elev8 New Media brings a number of benefits to the home industry, including increased visibility, trust, and a positive image. Through Elev8’s public relations strategies, companies in the home industry can build relationships with the media, stakeholders, and customers, which helps to increase their visibility and reach. Additionally, by engaging with the public and providing content tailored to their interests, Elev8 New media can help you gain trust and credibility with your audience. Lastly, public relations helps companies create a positive image of their products and services, which helps you drive sales and build a loyal customer base.

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