Food & Beverage Public Relations

Food & Beverage Public Relations

A tasty product in the food & beverage industry is not always enough to make the news.

On top of this, the food & beverage industry is faced with an ever-evolving landscape of consumer goods with a supply chain that entails processing, packaging and distribution. At Elev8 New Media, we provide a strategic integrated marketing communications mix of essential public relations and social media marketing to successfully promote client food and beverage products.

Reaching Client’s Target Audiences

We create and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, media, and influencers. To do this, Elev8 New Media utilizes a variety of tactics to reach our clients’ target audience, such as press releases, press conferences, media relations, community relations, social media, events, and more.

The goal of public relations in the food and beverage industry is to ultimately create a positive image that will result in increased sales and loyal customers.

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Building & Maintaining Brand Image.

Elev8 New Media provides immense value to the food and beverage industry by helping companies build and maintain their brand image, reach new customers, and create loyalty among existing customers. Through effective public relations strategies, companies can ensure that their products, services, and messages are reaching the right people and being perceived in a favorable light.

Elev8 has worked with some of the leading companies in this space, with brands in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic, CBD and wellness, fitness and health spaces, and beyond. We’ve had the pleasure of representing both private and public companies with brands of category innovation, helping to amplify visibility and brand awareness through close working relationships with key F&B journalists, bloggers and influencers – from trade to mainstream media.

Additionally, we gain media coverage and create buzz around new products and promotions, resulting in increased sales and brand recognition. Ultimately, public relations is an invaluable tool for food and beverage companies to reach their target audiences, create positive brand awareness, and enhance their bottom line.

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