Financial Technology Public Relations

Financial Technology Public Relations

Public relations for the fintech industry is focused on building relationships between the organization and its stakeholders.

The financial technology stakeholders usually consist of customers, investors, media, and regulators. Elev8 New Media creates campaigns, content, and strategies that communicate the company’s mission, goals, and values while also promoting its products and services.

Elev8 New Media is tasked with creating positive publicity and building trust in the organization and its products. We are also responsible for developing relationships with key influencers to help spread your organization’s message.

Build Trust & Credibility

Public relations helps the fintech industry by helping to build trust and credibility in the organization and its products or services. By developing campaigns and content that communicate the organization’s mission, goals, and values, Elev8 New Media helps build relationships with stakeholders and create positive publicity.


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Managing Crisis Communication & Developing Relationships

Elev8 helps its fintech clients by managing crisis communication, responding to industry news, and developing relationships with key influencers who can help spread the organization’s message. By leveraging public relations, fintech organizations can build brand awareness and trust, which can lead to increased sales, customer loyalty, and overall success.

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