Automotive Public Relations

Automotive Public Relations

Public relations for the automotive industry is a diverse and complex field that covers a wide range of activities.

Driven by new technologies, sustainability and changing customer demands, the automotive industry is constantly changing. It’s not just any industry – it’s one of the largest.

With in-depth and extensive experience, our team is constantly working towards new and redefined PR strategies to reach new and existing media contacts that will help make an impact for companies and brands. While Elev8 focuses on story development and PR campaigns as a whole – the team focuses on a national level but also ties in with local expertise.

Elev8 New Media handles media relations, event planning, and social media. Elev8 New Media’s automotive public relations specialists build relationships between the brand and its target audiences, helping to create a positive image for the brand and its products. We also use a variety of tactics to promote our client companies, such as press releases, media interviews, and press events.

Additionally, Elev8 creates and manages campaigns to promote specific products or services, and often work with influencers to spread the brand’s message. We, alongside our client companies, are responsible for developing and managing relationships with key stakeholders through the means of the media.


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How We Help Our Automotive Clientele

Elev8’s PR experts know how to address current trends within the automotive industry and how to jump into key trends which position the company and team KOLs as opinion leaders in the space. Elev8 brings value to the automotive industry by helping to create a positive image for your company by building relationships with stakeholders and promoting products and services.

We also help brands to stay ahead of the competition by staying up-to-date with industry trends and engaging with their target audience. Our public relations strategies attract and retain customers by providing helpful information and resources that show the brand’s commitment to its customers. Finally, Elev8 New Media helps you to establish trust with customers, which is essential for any successful business.

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