Elev8 New Media to Launch Influencer Marketing Division

Elev8 New Media to Launch Influencer Marketing Division

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Elev8 New Media (“Elev8” or the “Company”), an award-winning boutique media and public relations (PR) firm specializing in securing media and press coverage for its client companies, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Influencer Marketing division. This strategic move marks a significant step forward in Elev8’s commitment to providing comprehensive and innovative PR solutions for clients across all industries.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, influencer marketing has become an integral part of successful brand promotion and storytelling. Recognizing the potential and effectiveness of influencer marketing, Elev8 has established a dedicated division to offer tailored influencer marketing services that align with its clients’ goals and objectives.

The new Influencer Marketing division will leverage the Company’s extensive expertise in public relations and communications to forge authentic and impactful connections between brands and influencers. By collaborating with influencers of all sizes, Elev8 will help create compelling, data-driven campaigns that resonate with target audiences and drive engagement.

Key services offered by Elev8’s Influencer Marketing division include:

  1. Influencer Strategy Development: Crafting influencer marketing strategies tailored to each client’s unique objectives, ensuring alignment with brand identity and target demographics.
  2. Influencer Identification: Meticulously selecting influencers whose values and content align with the client’s brand, ensuring authenticity and credibility.
  3. Campaign Execution: Managing end-to-end influencer campaigns, including overseeing content creation, scheduling, and performance tracking.
  4. Measurement and Analytics: Providing comprehensive analytics and performance metrics to assess the impact of influencer campaigns, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  5. Compliance Guidance: Ensuring that all influencer partnerships adhere to relevant regulations and guidelines, safeguarding the brand’s reputation.

“Elev8 New Media has always been committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive results. With the launch of our Influencer Marketing division, we are excited to harness the power of influencer marketing to help our clients connect with their target audiences on a more personal level. We believe this expansion will further solidify our position as a one-stop destination for comprehensive public relations and marketing services,” stated Jessica Starman, Co-Founder and CEO of Elev8 New Media.

Elev8 New Media invites both existing and prospective clients to explore the benefits of influencer marketing and discover how the new division can help them achieve their marketing goals.

About Elev8 New Media
Elev8 New Media is an award-winning boutique public and media relations agency known for securing thousands of earned media placements for its clients. These placements, which are not paid but genuinely earned, appear in well-respected outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Fox Business, among others. Elev8’s reach also extends to trade publications, new media and local media outlets.

Dedicated to providing companies with strategic communication solutions, Elev8 transforms our clients’ business operations into engaging stories that spur significant growth. Our teams, focused on public relations and social media, are committed to building strong relationships with both our clients and the media community. Through thoughtful and cohesive social strategies, we aim to fulfill and surpass business objectives, establishing a prominent presence in the industry characterized by reliability and forward-thinking.

For more information, please visit www.elev8newmedia.com.

Jessica Starman, MBA
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